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Ashley Wood: Extreme Finale

Here is eight pounds of book featuring the works of Ashley Wood, a comic book artist and illustrator whom is known for doing the concept art for Metal Gear Solid and his newest collab on the Tank Girl series. This 800 page book features previous out of print books like Uno Fanta, Dos Fanta, Tres Fanta, Sencilla Fanta, and even Grande Fanta plus 60 bonus art pages all in one large hardcover book. See his sketches, paintings and beginning concepts throughout the pages while enjoying his visual themes on women, robots and cats. A book worth getting if your new to Ashley Wood or have been enjoying his works but have yet to own any of his older works.

Find online to buy either on amazon or by luck of searching on ebay. Since it’s out of print it may be a bit difficult, but I was lucky enough to find it out at the Chicago Comic Con.


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