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Splitting At The Seams

I can’t believe that it’s already nearing the end of July and summer will be over in a month. It’s good though! I’ll be back in classes working on more assignments, specifically alla prima and graphite works. I’ve got so many ideas rumbling through my brain that are ready to explode out for use this year…

So I’ve finally taken a picture of my Split drawing. I needed a high-res image on my computer so that I don’t get complaints about crappy photobooth images.

I’m very proud of this piece! It’s on a 20×30 piece of Vellum Bristol. There are definitely things you don’t see in the image that you’d see in person though. I had an issue with a pencil I was using. It was an 8b and it left this disgusting film on a spot in her hair. I stopped immediately after seeing this and attempted to fix it but sadly it couldn’t happen. I’m learning to test all my pencils on separate paper for now on because of this.

Since this is my first post. This also serves as kinda an intro to my new blog. Let me sum up real quick what I’ll be posting here, art. That’s it. My favorite artists, art books, art blogs, art tools, personal art, etc etc etc. If your going to start following me, throw me a comment! I like hearing input!


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