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Dangerous Sketching

Over the summer, I have been wanting to throw out some amazing pieces to really get the ground running for myself in the style that I prefer and love. During school I get thrown back into the torture of oil painting and summer is the prime time I can play with ink and watercolors again.
However I have been held back from doing these things and my larger more finished pieces haven’t seem to display the polished look I always prefer. My artwork is suffering and it’s because I have been putting way too much time into my sketchbooks.
Lately there have been lots of fads going around on the internet and in books. Creative sketching, moleskine books, visual journaling and more. I got sucked into that idea and notion that these places are where I should show off my best works. Hours and hours were put into these mini booklets of doodles.
Now sketching is an artistic process, not a finished piece of work… my latest indulgence into something that is a mere unfinished idea on a piece of sketch paper has actually ruined my creative flow. I start with my sketches and end with my sketches. Where is the finished work? Now that I am actually noticing how much my finished work is actually suffering, I am making a pact with myself that I can only use my sketchbook for sketching.
Where an artists mind meets paper for the first time, it’s in order to work out those raw ideas. Attempting to show off and make these sketches look awesome and finished is what destroys the flow in the end. Personally, I want to show off my biggest potential, not my sketches. If you are an artist, take a look at your sketchbook and ask yourself: Am I doing this for myself? For my thoughts and raw ideas? Or am I doing it to complete something half done in order to quickly display and show off?
Sketching is a first step process and a resourceful tool for creatives. I’m not sure about anyone else out there, but I’m finally learning it’s good to keep it that way.

On a side note: Thank you so much Amy from Pikaland! I had unexpectedly won their Travel Pika Package contest and now I’ve got oodles of great art goodies coming in the mail soon! I’ll be sure to post it as soon as it arrives~

Keep your mind and heart open,


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