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Rainbow Eyes

Finally completed this piece last night. I was surprised at how quick it really went. This new pen I bought is partly to blame. It’s a pentel brush pen that is absolutely ingenious. Typically when I do ink pieces like this, I’m using a brush and india ink. The pen lets me have the same effect but now I can work on any ink work anywhere. A good example of this is the fact that I worked on most of this at the beach. I had a few almost mix ups though when the wind gusted up and my paper wanted to attempt an escape. My pen rubbed against the paper thankfully in areas that were going to get filled in anyways but I can only imagine how I’d react if I accidentally left a huge smudge on her cheek or something. Agh. I wouldn’t be too pretty haha.


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I Am Evil

Playing around with pattern and ink and watercolor. This was done on canvas which isn’t my top choice. I bought some watercolor canvas because I didn’t believe it would work. Surprisingly enough it did. Don’t mind the symbol on his forehead, he doesn’t have the greatest of intentions.

On a side note, my book 100 Cats Who Changed History came in the mail yesterday. I’ve noticed that there’s a very large pattern of male artists and writers with cats. Hah!

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Life Drawing Sketches

Photographed a few life drawing things I did last year. After looking through my pile of sketches, I realized how much more I’ve improved through that year. I wish I was taking another class this semester but maybe I’ll just sneak into a few sessions instead. Don’t tell!

All pieces were done mostly on basic sketch or charcoal paper and with either conte, graphite, or charcoal pencils. The last two portraits are self portraits. If you have any thoughts or comments, please let me know!


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Splitting At The Seams

I can’t believe that it’s already nearing the end of July and summer will be over in a month. It’s good though! I’ll be back in classes working on more assignments, specifically alla prima and graphite works. I’ve got so many ideas rumbling through my brain that are ready to explode out for use this year…

So I’ve finally taken a picture of my Split drawing. I needed a high-res image on my computer so that I don’t get complaints about crappy photobooth images.

I’m very proud of this piece! It’s on a 20×30 piece of Vellum Bristol. There are definitely things you don’t see in the image that you’d see in person though. I had an issue with a pencil I was using. It was an 8b and it left this disgusting film on a spot in her hair. I stopped immediately after seeing this and attempted to fix it but sadly it couldn’t happen. I’m learning to test all my pencils on separate paper for now on because of this.

Since this is my first post. This also serves as kinda an intro to my new blog. Let me sum up real quick what I’ll be posting here, art. That’s it. My favorite artists, art books, art blogs, art tools, personal art, etc etc etc. If your going to start following me, throw me a comment! I like hearing input!

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