Kasey Ann is living in Michigan in the city. She loves playing games on her old Nintendo 64, baking sweets and doodling in her moleskine journal. Her room is filled with paintings, incense, paper lamps and japanese oddities. Her blog is filled with the art work that invades her mind, stains her clothes, hangs on her walls and erupts onto paper.

Kasey Ann: artist / illustrator / student. I believe that there is beauty in anything and nothing should ever be taken seriously. I believe that everyone you meet makes an impact on your life. I believe that the world is a place to explore and no one should stay in a static position. Ever.

I am a working student at an art college called Kendall. I am currently an Illustration major and did undergo a year of Graphic Design classes. I have worked on multiple web design projects and identity projects as well as illustration commissions. I am optimistic, straightforward and philosophical.

Reading is a hobby I adore and have a new book every two weeks or so. I am working on my personal library. I have an Amazon wishlist of the books I want next. Collecting vinyl records is also another hobby of mine. I love music just as much as drawing.

You can find me at FlickrLast.fm and Twitter.

You can also e-mail me at: kaseystowell@gmail.com.