Life Drawing Sketches

Photographed a few life drawing things I did last year. After looking through my pile of sketches, I realized how much more I’ve improved through that year. I wish I was taking another class this semester but maybe I’ll just sneak into a few sessions instead. Don’t tell!

All pieces were done mostly on basic sketch or charcoal paper and with either conte, graphite, or charcoal pencils. The last two portraits are self portraits. If you have any thoughts or comments, please let me know!



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5 responses to “Life Drawing Sketches

  1. Key

    You got a good hand, which makes your little collection very enjoyable to watch. The edgy and rough croquis have a nice touch to it, and you seem to have captured their facial features elegantly. Not much to criticize, so keep up the good work.

  2. DIAS

    you can drawn really well. i especially like how you break the body/face into organic and geometric shapes for a nice rendering.


  3. DIAS

    its very hard for people to grasp that way of dissecting objects. ive tried countless times to teach someone how to do it, some people just dont get it.

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