Ashley Wood: Extreme Finale

Here is eight pounds of book featuring the works of Ashley Wood, a comic book artist and illustrator whom is known for doing the concept art for Metal Gear Solid and his newest collab on the Tank Girl series. This 800 page book features previous out of print books like Uno Fanta, Dos Fanta, Tres Fanta, Sencilla Fanta, and even Grande Fanta plus 60 bonus art pages all in one large hardcover book. See his sketches, paintings and beginning concepts throughout the pages while enjoying his visual themes on women, robots and cats. A book worth getting if your new to Ashley Wood or have been enjoying his works but have yet to own any of his older works.

Find online to buy either on amazon or by luck of searching on ebay. Since it’s out of print it may be a bit difficult, but I was lucky enough to find it out at the Chicago Comic Con.


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Dangerous Sketching

Over the summer, I have been wanting to throw out some amazing pieces to really get the ground running for myself in the style that I prefer and love. During school I get thrown back into the torture of oil painting and summer is the prime time I can play with ink and watercolors again.
However I have been held back from doing these things and my larger more finished pieces haven’t seem to display the polished look I always prefer. My artwork is suffering and it’s because I have been putting way too much time into my sketchbooks.
Lately there have been lots of fads going around on the internet and in books. Creative sketching, moleskine books, visual journaling and more. I got sucked into that idea and notion that these places are where I should show off my best works. Hours and hours were put into these mini booklets of doodles.
Now sketching is an artistic process, not a finished piece of work… my latest indulgence into something that is a mere unfinished idea on a piece of sketch paper has actually ruined my creative flow. I start with my sketches and end with my sketches. Where is the finished work? Now that I am actually noticing how much my finished work is actually suffering, I am making a pact with myself that I can only use my sketchbook for sketching.
Where an artists mind meets paper for the first time, it’s in order to work out those raw ideas. Attempting to show off and make these sketches look awesome and finished is what destroys the flow in the end. Personally, I want to show off my biggest potential, not my sketches. If you are an artist, take a look at your sketchbook and ask yourself: Am I doing this for myself? For my thoughts and raw ideas? Or am I doing it to complete something half done in order to quickly display and show off?
Sketching is a first step process and a resourceful tool for creatives. I’m not sure about anyone else out there, but I’m finally learning it’s good to keep it that way.

On a side note: Thank you so much Amy from Pikaland! I had unexpectedly won their Travel Pika Package contest and now I’ve got oodles of great art goodies coming in the mail soon! I’ll be sure to post it as soon as it arrives~

Keep your mind and heart open,

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Rainbow Eyes

Finally completed this piece last night. I was surprised at how quick it really went. This new pen I bought is partly to blame. It’s a pentel brush pen that is absolutely ingenious. Typically when I do ink pieces like this, I’m using a brush and india ink. The pen lets me have the same effect but now I can work on any ink work anywhere. A good example of this is the fact that I worked on most of this at the beach. I had a few almost mix ups though when the wind gusted up and my paper wanted to attempt an escape. My pen rubbed against the paper thankfully in areas that were going to get filled in anyways but I can only imagine how I’d react if I accidentally left a huge smudge on her cheek or something. Agh. I wouldn’t be too pretty haha.

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I Am Evil

Playing around with pattern and ink and watercolor. This was done on canvas which isn’t my top choice. I bought some watercolor canvas because I didn’t believe it would work. Surprisingly enough it did. Don’t mind the symbol on his forehead, he doesn’t have the greatest of intentions.

On a side note, my book 100 Cats Who Changed History came in the mail yesterday. I’ve noticed that there’s a very large pattern of male artists and writers with cats. Hah!

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Life Drawing Sketches

Photographed a few life drawing things I did last year. After looking through my pile of sketches, I realized how much more I’ve improved through that year. I wish I was taking another class this semester but maybe I’ll just sneak into a few sessions instead. Don’t tell!

All pieces were done mostly on basic sketch or charcoal paper and with either conte, graphite, or charcoal pencils. The last two portraits are self portraits. If you have any thoughts or comments, please let me know!


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Paul Pope Limited Edition Print: NURIAS

That’s right! It finally came in the mail! I love Paul Pope’s art and if you haven’t heard of him yet, check out his blog: and his flickr: He’s an alt comic book artist with a wicked skill in pen work. Not only has he worked with DC, Vertigo and Dark Horse but he also has a few Eisner Awards under his belt.

The print I have here was bought at with a limited edition of 500. Prints are made at the store every month with a different artist each time. It really introduced me to some artists I’ve never heard of before and the prints are fairly cheap at only $23. I’ve got print number 115 myself!

Now I just got to frame it… Okay done gloating about my favorite new art addition. Time to watch the new Entourage!

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Splitting At The Seams

I can’t believe that it’s already nearing the end of July and summer will be over in a month. It’s good though! I’ll be back in classes working on more assignments, specifically alla prima and graphite works. I’ve got so many ideas rumbling through my brain that are ready to explode out for use this year…

So I’ve finally taken a picture of my Split drawing. I needed a high-res image on my computer so that I don’t get complaints about crappy photobooth images.

I’m very proud of this piece! It’s on a 20×30 piece of Vellum Bristol. There are definitely things you don’t see in the image that you’d see in person though. I had an issue with a pencil I was using. It was an 8b and it left this disgusting film on a spot in her hair. I stopped immediately after seeing this and attempted to fix it but sadly it couldn’t happen. I’m learning to test all my pencils on separate paper for now on because of this.

Since this is my first post. This also serves as kinda an intro to my new blog. Let me sum up real quick what I’ll be posting here, art. That’s it. My favorite artists, art books, art blogs, art tools, personal art, etc etc etc. If your going to start following me, throw me a comment! I like hearing input!

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